Mentor ProtÉgÉ Program

Mentor-protégé programs offer the best of three worlds: combining the resources, stability, and experience of a large, established business (mentor) with the innovation, focus, and energy of a small, emerging, disadvantaged business (protégé) and individual, project-based Agreements with superior third party solution providers like the Morehouse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (MIEC).

Available in most federal agencies and individual states have developed unique programs of their own.

A great example would be our work with one of our clients Victory Global Solutions, ( where we provide support for their RFID and Information Systems Security technology transfer, ISO Quality Management System initiative, Deltek accounting system implementation, Sharepoint implementation planning and several Information Technology certifications.

Client Spotlight

Angela Brown is the Founder & CEO of Victory Global Solutions, Inc., a female-owned SBA certified 8(a) business, based in Maryland, is a provider of enterprise networking and technology based product and service solutions.

They help clients with solutions ranging from improving mission critical business processes and modernizing technology to meeting new regulations.

The goal of MIEC is to enhance the capability of clients like Victory Global Solutions to compete more successfully for federal government or state contracts by improving their performance and value proposition through technical assistance.

Over the years, our process improvement systems have worked to streamline and improve the efficiency of organizations. We help organizations develop management systems that focus on the core operations of the organization. Once these management systems are developed we conduct organizational audits in preparation for the registration activities. We have a pool of experienced auditors that audit to the "spirit of the standard" rather than just to the "letter of the standard." In short, we are genuinely interested in making sure that process improvement management systems are in place and working effectively for your business.

Our experienced process improvement team provides outstanding service and keen insight helping drive improvement in daily operations. The team makes the implementation process a pleasure. ISO accreditation is a necessary requirement in business and we have consistently guided companies in the right direction.

Why would any customer service company decide to invest the money and time to tackle getting ISO 9001, 20000, 27000 or any standard certification in the midst of a challenging business climate?

In the face of competition, especially in this economy, companies have to work smarter, not harder. There is always room for improvement, and small firms like V-Tech are fortunate to be able to implement improvements quickly. The ISO process allows organizations to step back and examine the flexibility of its business systems to meet all of its demands and then, ultimately, to focus attention on controls.

As companies grow, they must invest time and energy into their processes to monitor and ensure the quality of work. The ISO standards represent a commitment to excellence and a dedication to quality, reliability, and ultimately, the highest level of customer service. In any organization, and in particular small businesses, controlling quality brings clear financial benefits. It also gives customers a high degree of confidence and assists in keeping the organization ahead of its competitors.

What does it cost to actually achieve? Less than you think! Contact Bonita Moore at 404-653-7899 or

The Morehouse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (MIEC) is committed to a policy of total quality in all business procedures.
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