Youth Entrepreneurship Summer (YES) Camp

YES Camp 2014 is June 2 - 13, 2014

Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center YES Camp is a unique non-residential experience offered to Greater Atlanta high school students to expose them to the opportunities associated with entrepreneurship. This two week program is designed to reach 25 rising 10th & 11th grade, economically disadvantaged students in the Greater Atlanta area to introduce them to the concept of entrepreneurship.

The MCEC YES Camp inspires and encourages young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career choice. This camp is hosted at MCEC and facilitated by Youth Entrepreneurs™ Atlanta (YE-Atl) incorporating curriculum developed by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).

Student Comments from Camp

Devin Crucifix Boyd "Just Finished the LAST DAY IF CAMP! It's sad to go but it had to happen someday. I commend EVERY SINGLE GROUP because we ALL worked hard. YES CAMP CLASS OF 2011!"

Blake Bowden "Thanks to get this camp, my eyes have really been open and I see the business part of the world in a whole new light that I would've never been able to see before"

Tiaris NiShante' Cook "I have had a wonderful experience learning how to create a new business. I love it and enjoyed meeting nice people and having fun!! all said and done I am m going to miss you guys!!!!!"
Demi Willis "Overall experience was a good one... I thought this camp was beneficial and I really learned a lot."

Aj Blakboi Christopher "Today was a pretty cool experience because some entrepreneurs came today and shared a lot of inspirational information about owning your own business"

Corey Hicks "Today some young entrepreneurs mentored us in a hour session. It was very interesting hearing the different ways they were able to start their businesses."

Brittany Griffin "This yes camp has been so enjoyable for my sibling and me. The camp should be longer though cause Travis and his crew are awesome."

Oliver Glass "Met some Entrepreneurs today in the business world who have succeeded and still are rising. Got business cards and going to contact and ask further questions if I have any. Enjoyed my day today."

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