My name is Alexander Harris, Jr., and I am a sophomore Psychology major and Marketing minor from Severn, Maryland. Through the Federal Work Study program I was afforded the awesome opportunity to work with the Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center (MCEC) during the academic year. My position as a student intern with the MCEC has allowed me to build relationships with Ms. Bonita Moore, Dr. Tiffany Bussey, and with other staff members throughout the campus. My daily responsibilities consisted of general office duties including accounting, marketing and inventory tasks as well as networking with the various special programs that the MCEC hosts. These tasks primarily support the activities of the center regarding small business development through the US Department of Defense Mentor Protege Program and the academic activities of the entrepreneurship course and the innovation expo.

Upon the end of the second semester of my freshman year, I was offered a position to work with 25 high school boys and girls in the two week Youth Entrepreneurship Summer (YES!) Camp. My responsibilities included managing the student counselor staff, assisting the camp instructors and the 25 camp participants through various entrepreneurship learning modules using creativity and innovation to produce real world problem solving solutions. My experience working with the kids during the camp was extremely fulfilling as I noticed the growth in all of them and was able to witness the bonds that they built with one another. Not only that, but I, myself, built personal bonds with all of them and was able to learn from the learning modules to apply to my personal life and goals.

I will be returning to work with the MCEC in the Fall and I look forward to what the year has to offer. The unique opportunities offer value added education in addition to my academic coursework.

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