My name is Christopher Siaplay, and I graduated cum laude from Morehouse College in 2009 majoring in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration. During my matriculation, I was given the opportunity to work side by side with Ms. Moore and Dr. Bussey during the beginning stages of the Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center (MCEC). My responsibilities included building small business relationships, completing administrative duties, and assisting with day-to-day operations within the Center.

My experience as an intern/work study student allowed me to observe the benefits and challenges of small business as well as the operating activities of the entrepreneurs who created these businesses. I was granted the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurs running small businesses within government contracting/consulting, technology, energy and many other industries. The Center exposed students to leadership opportunities to pursue entrepreneurship through volunteering with its Youth Entrepreneurship Summer (YES) Program, Entrepreneurship Conference, and even having an elective entrepreneurship class which focused on business plans, and ways of starting your own small business.

In retrospect, being a part of the MCEC operated by Dr. Bussey and Ms. Moore, allowed me to not only value the importance of entrepreneurship and small businesses, but gave me aspirations to one day start my own firm building on the entrepreneurial skills I learned as an intern.

Today, I am glad to know the MCEC is thriving and I recommend interns, students, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to get involved in any way they can. Currently, I am a Business Development Manager for a small minority firm with aspirations of starting my own company in an industry specific services field.

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