‘Trep’ Talks: Startup Speaker Series

Trep’ Talks showcases young (ages 30 and under) as well as seasoned entrepreneurs to provide students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and exposure to real-world innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset. The starkly honest conversation tells the good, bad and ugly of their journey as well as the relationships initiated to propel the business from idea to its current state.  Speakers range in industry from Hip Hop Management to FinTech to Fashion and exemplifies our mission to utilize interdisciplinary focus. 

Tiger Pitch

Tiger Pitch is a three-minute pitch competition where students present their business idea in a “Shark Tank” like format by identifying the problem they are solving and solution proposed. This activity leverages community entrepreneurs (including alums) in assisting student entrepreneurs in defining their business so tightly and precisely that they can verbally convey the essence of their business in the three-minute pitch.

Winners of the Tiger Pitch receive prizes to include mentorship and coaching from external entrepreneurs, sponsorship to external conferences such as Forbes Under 30, SXSW and other entrepreneurship conferences to gain exposure and visibility to ideas and peer communities.

Meet Up Sessions

Our Meetup program supports discussion groups that allow students to take a deeper dive into topics of interest

  • block chain, coding, cyber security
  • 288 students impacted

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