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Blackstone Launchpad at Morehouse Studio is a workspace and digital community for Morehouse entrepreneurs. The BLM Studio is where Launchpad at Morehouse entrepreneurs will network, collaborate, learn, grow and thrive in a community made up of the Blackstone Launchpad network and AUC entrepreneurs.

Each cohort of Launchpad at Morehouse will be awarded a fellowship of $1,000 per semester and will complete a six-week co-curricular program that will help develop their entrepreneurial acumen. Using Gallup’s Building Builders framework, we will identify where students are on their innovation journey and expose them to people, technology, and frameworks to bring their ideas to life.

We place high emphasis on individuals who have focus and can demonstrate commitment to their venture. The ideal Launchpad at Morehouse fellow is serious about launching or expanding their idea, and we look for individuals who have excitement for entrepreneurship on a global scale.

We recognize that revenue or awards are not the perfect indicators of entrepreneurial potential. If you believe you are a good fit for Launchpad at Morehouse we encourage you to apply to be considered for our fellowship program!

Once you submit your online application, the Launchpad at Morehouse team is happy to connect with you to help guide you through the rest of the process. If you have any questions before submitting, don’t hesitate to contact us at

No. But it’s an important step you’ll eventually need to take, and our legal resources at MIEC can help.

Please email program director: Kylan Kester (

October 6 – November 12

The Launchpad at Morehouse is a co-curricular 6 week program that meets 6pm on Monday nights (with exception of our kickoff event on Wednesday, Oct. 6). Full attendance to all of our sessions is required. Founders are expected to meet weekly with their mentor. Our Innovation Sprint is on November 8 at 6 p.m.

Blackstone Launchpad at Morehouse Leadership

Tiffany Bussey (she/hers)

Dr. Bussey is the Executive Director of the Morehouse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and helps lead the strategic initiatives for innovation and entrepreneurship at Morehouse and across HBCUs in the south

Kylan Kester (he/him)

Kylan is the Founding Director of Launchpad at Morehouse. Prior to joining MIEC, Kylan worked in strategy and consulting and digital product management and Accenture and startup community building at Startup Atlanta.

Blackstone Launchpad at Morehouse Team

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